Nancy Pelosi with some zingers on The Daily Show — “Mithology” & “The Power of the Speaker of the House is Awesome.”

By JD Chang

Yesterday, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was on the Daily Show talking about memes, government accountability, and the power of public sentiment. Jon Stewart asked her about the role of Obama as a different type of party head than Bill Clinton, to which Pelosi smartly ducked and talked about shared values and pivoted back to Republican obstructionism. Pelosi was on her game though, being charming and personable while offering out memes like “Mithology” and saying “The Power of the Speaker of the House is Awesome”. That was a good applause line.

So then, where is Pelosi right now in terms of buzz? TrendPo Rank has her at #10 today between Todd Akin and Scott Brown.

Akin has been dragged back into the press because of the rape comments by Richard Mourdock and Joe Walsh. Scott Brown is running in a very big, national Senate race in Massachusetts. For Pelosi to get this high in the rank without really having a race to contest is remarkable. No doubt she’s appearing on these shows to get more votes for her House colleagues on Nov. 6th, but let’s dig a little deeper into the numbers to see how she’s doing.

Looking at her National Media trendlines versus social, you can see a slight correlation between her national press and Twitter gap (gap = number of Twitter followers added or dropped each day).

Her Beltway Media shows a stronger but more varied correlation, especially since the beginning of Oct.

Over the last 7 days, Pelosi has had the 8th most Beltway Media articles (Politico, The Hill, Roll Call)

but ranks 31th in National Media over that same period, between Ron Paul, Barney Frank, and Joe Walsh.

So what does this all mean? First, Pelosi is still more newsworthy as a story inside the beltway than outside it. Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, and Andrew Cuomo had more national buzz without really doing anything. Topical stories like Darrell Issa, Richard Mourdock, and Donald Trump get national exposure while Pelosi makes the rounds to drum up support for the Democratic House races.

The other interesting thing is the news press to Twitter trend-lines. Usually the only politicians that can show a correlation between news and social are the ones with very big exposure. People like Obama or Romney or even Paul Ryan will see spikes and falls together in their news and social. Maybe Pelosi’s slightly parellel lines are an indication that mass audiences are tuning into her articles more and then following her on Twitter. Or maybe it’s a good job by her office to promote her Twitter account each time she gets a news article. Either case, we’ll keep an eye out to see if they become more in sync the closer we get to Nov. 6th.

(For those that don’t know, Nancy Pelosi was the former Speaker of the House for the Democratic Party from 2007-2011. She was the first woman to hold the office and to date, has been the highest-ranking female politician in American history. Pelosi represents San Francisco, one of the safest Democratic districts in the country. She won the seat in 1988 and has been reelected 10 more times with no substantive opposition, winning by an average of 80 percent of the vote. The strongest challenge Pelosi has faced was in 2008 when anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan polled 16% and Pelosi won with 72%.)


National Media includes: WSJ, LATimes, NYTimes, WaPo, HuffPost, Fox News, CNN, USA Today
Beltway Media includes: Politico, The Hill, Roll Call
TW Gap is the number of Twitter Followers gained each day on each person’s Twitter account.

(You can see all of TrendPo Pro’s chart data by subscribing to a free TrendPo Pro user account)

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