TrendPo Rank – Daily Top Ten

Each day, we’re going to put up a morning post about who’s in and who’s out in the TrendPo Daily Top Ten as shown by the TrendPo Rank (The TrendPo Rank is based on every on-ballot politician’s news + social + sentiment over the last seven days).

Today we see:

1. Obama
2. Romney
3. Ryan
4. John McCain
5. Richard Mourdock
6. Elizabeth Warren
7. John Kerry
8. Todd Akin (House Rep)
8. Todd Akin (Senate Challenger)*
10. Marco Rubio
11. Darrell Issa

(* because often sitting incumbents have two social pages — one for their office and one for their campaign, we track them separately)



Breaking this down, Obama / Romney / Ryan are always 1-3 and have been since Ryan was the VP choice. McCain is usually top 5 because he’s interviewed by everyone on every topic. Mourdock is the “soup of the day” for his rape comments, and Elizabeth Warren is running in a very big, publicized race in Mass. (Notice that Scott Brown isn’t in the Top Ten — he’s actually #13 and trailing in the polls, which begs the question — is news and social showing signs that the Mass Senate race is breaking more and more towards Warren?). Akin, of course, because any story about rape or abortion will now default to him.

Aside from the aforementioned politicians, there are two surprises in the group — John Kerry and Marco Rubio. Both are very prominent national figures, but have they done enough to be in the Top Ten?

Here’s Kerry’s media chart:

and Rubio’s:


Rubio was on three national talk shows “This Week”, “Meet the Press”, “Face the Nation” Sunday and that presumably helped his buzz in news coverage. What’s interesting is that it also helped his Twitter account. And then a few days later his FB page saw a bump:



For Kerry, the coverage was a little different. There was a national debate Monday night, and as you know, Kerry was Barack Obama’s debate prep partner. After the 2nd debate, Kerry got a lot of attention for helping Obama win the Town Hall debate and the news coverage was mostly about how he’s helped Obama prep for Debate #3. Perhaps not a shock, Kerry’s TW page saw a huge bump up on debate night:



Both of these trend-lines show a nice rise to the Top Ten, but it remains to be seen if they can stay there as both of their of their social and news coverage should die down. Rubio has a much better chance of course, since he’s an up and riser in the party and get more invites to Sunday talk shows. Kerry’s time and role may have come and gone for this election.



National Media includes: WSJ, LATimes, NYTimes, WaPo, HuffPost, Fox News, CNN, USA Today
Beltway Media includes: Politico, The Hill, Roll Call
FB Likes is the number of Facebook Likes on each person’s page
TW Gap is the number of Twitter Followers gained each day on each person’s Twitter account.

(You can see all of TrendPo Pro’s chart data by subscribing to a free TrendPo Pro user account)


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