Lois Capps Breaks out of the Matrix?

By JD Chang

Congresswoman Lois Caps (D-CA) made an inexplicable leap into the daily top 10, after living a normal life as your run-of-the-mill, rank-and-file representative.

OK, she was solidly in the top 50 or so and then all of a sudden, she bursts into the top 5. So how did this happen?

No, Morpheus didn’t find her, but she was posted this picture and leapt out of the Matrix:

That is 191,988 likes, 4,813 shares and 8,167 comments (Mitt Romney is jealous of all those comments).  If you look at the graph of her Facebook gap surge in the past at the time of that post you can see just how major that gap was.

Analyzing why such a post would garner such a jump seems simple. Capps posted President Obama and ultra popular Gov. Chris Christie in a moment of bipartisanship to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. If you ask most people, they will tell you they want to see more compromise like that for the good of the American people. However, Capps who boasts a little more than 3,500 likes and rarely has that much social media influence could have ponied up the cash to promote the post and raise her profile.

Either way it was good strategy and brought her into the upper echelon of politicians a few days before her reelection attempt in a redrawn district was voted on.

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