TrendPo accurately predicted 100% of the Governor races from Tuesday

Bear with us, we’re plowing through a lot of data sorting…but the early returns for TrendPo’s predictions are 100% for the Governor races.


See the results here.


Looking at the data, when we ran our algorithm to include the 8 days prior to Election Day, we hit 100% of the Governor predictions. This includes calling the MT (Bullock) upset, the close NH (Hassan) race and assumes that Inslee (WA) keeps his lead in the last Governor race.

Again, TrendPo runs a daily algorithm that scrapes National Media, Beltway Media, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, and sentiment analysis to create a daily rank of all national politicians. There is no polling, no sampling, and no bias. It’s a calculation we run every day against every politician and select issues. We will continue to run it post Nov. 6th to track buzz and movement of all winning candidates and current incumbents.


Visit TrendPo to see full, daily rankings.


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2 thoughts on “TrendPo accurately predicted 100% of the Governor races from Tuesday

  1. Andrew November 9, 2012 at 4:18 pm Reply

    Great news. Looks like TrendPo is on to something.

  2. […] “buzz” and their election results. This is even more apparent when you add in the 100% accuracy rate of predicting Governor races. The advantage here, of course, is that TrendPo Rank can be used to […]

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