Daily Top Ten — Romney’s fall from grace…and from the #2 spot

By JD Chang

Well, it was bound to happen….and it took a little over a week.

Mitt Romney has fallen off the TrendPo map.

Here’s today’s Top Rankings:

For the first time this entire year, Mitt Romney is not up there at #2. Not only is he getting beat up in the press about losing the election, offending minority groups, and accusing Obama of trading “gifts” for votes, he’s also getting LESS PRESS. 

Here’s his underlying stats:

(National Media mentions)

(Beltway Media Mentions)

(Facebook Gap)

All numbers trending down. The National Media and Beltway Media numbers are expected as the press has turned its pens and keyboards to other political figures. But the Facebook Gap is pretty telling. No one is talking about Mitt Romney anymore…which kinda proves a oft-made point: People only supported Mitt because he was the de-facto opponent of Barack Obama.

Still, you kinda have to feel sorry for Mitt. Before the election, people argued for him in spite of his personality, inability to connect, and constant gaffes. Now, those same people are lambasting him for his lack of vision (personality), voting demographics (inability to connect), and yes, those constant gaffes are still there.

But now, the big question is…will Mitt rise back up in TrendPo? (and does he even really want to)?

(TrendPo Raw score)

His TrendPo Raw score is falling back to the crowd, and really it’s not even in the top 100 anymore.

Here’s guessing that Mitt Romney goes back to a nice private sector life and fades out of the public spotlight. He should be commended for his effort, determination, and years of public service. And then, he should stop talking….at least to anyone with a microphone and a recorder.

Besides, in a couple of weeks the press and public will move on to two other words that are rising like a rocket ship in TrendPo:


National Media includes: WSJ, LATimes, NYTimes, WaPo, HuffPost, Fox News, CNN, USA Today
Beltway Media includes: Politico, The Hill, Roll Call
FB Likes is the number of Facebook Likes on each person’s page.
Facebook Gap is the change in Facebook Talked Abouts each day.
Facebook Talked Abouts is the number of unique users who have created a story about a page in a 7 day period.

(You can see all of TrendPo Pro’s chart data by subscribing to a free TrendPo Pro user account)


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2 thoughts on “Daily Top Ten — Romney’s fall from grace…and from the #2 spot

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