Wednesday News Links and General Repartee

The day before Turkey Day across the US. As all of you board your flights, pack your cars, and ride your bikes (hey, hipsters could be riding home to Thanksgiving!), take a look at these quick links:

Timothy Noah from the New Republic talks about 8 ways Obama can ram his agenda through without approval of Congress. In a nutshell they are:

1. Cut Carbon Emissions
2. Expand “Stealth Amnesty” for undocumented workers
3. Fire Ed DeMarco (acting director of FHFA — Federal Housing Finance Agency)
4. Reform the Credit Rating Agencies
5. Combat Tuition Hikes
6. Bring down Medicare Costs
7. Curtail Child Labor on Farms
8. Pay All Home Health Care Workers Minimum Wage

Hmmm…yeah, so good luck with all that. It’s funny that Timothy chose such a wide variety of topics to suggest. Not sure if these are the Top 8 things on the President’s agenda or that these are just 8 things that could be done without passing bills or laws (which of course, some of these would require approval if not agreement from Congress).


In other news, Thomas Friedman listened to an unusual duet heard on Oct. 13, using superlow-latency videoconference technology and the city’s new gigabit-per-second fiber-optic network…then raved about it. Just kidding. I like Friedman’s writing a lot, how he likes to take analogies from his worldly travels and relates them to a moral lesson that regular folk like you and I can understand. This one isn’t his best but he does talk about super fast internet in Chattanooga, TN of all places. Just wished he didn’t title the piece “Obama’s Moment”.

In case you were wondering who your Senators and Congressman are, NYT has a fun column devoted to the quirkiest members leaving Congress. People like Kent Conrad (TR-191) who owns Dakota, a bichon frisé to Kay Bailey Hutchison (TR-257) whose purse is carried by a rotating group of young men — a role known as “the purse boy” — as she makes her way from the Senate floor to her office or around town.

And finally, Anna Wintour says, “Money can’t buy the White House“, Charles Krauthammer tries to defend Bill O’Reilly from being racist, and Joe Scarborough semi-apologizes to Nate Silver.


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