Thursday’s Top Ten Trending Politicians and Issues

(Each day we’ll post up the Top Ten Politicians and Issues in TrendPo’s Kitchen Sink ranking list and tell you why they’re on top)




1. Obama – POTUS

2. Romney – POTUS wannabe

3. Booker – 52% of New Jersey wants him to run for Senate in 2014

4. Hurricane Sandy – Still mentioned in 50-100 news articles a day

5. John Boehner – Slight uptick last couple of days to rise in buzz

6. John McCain – Still most interviewed man in DC

7. Social Security – Fiscal cliff and no tax pledges push entitlement reform up and up

8. Jesse Jackson Jr – Date set for February primary for Jackson Jr.’s seat

9. Hilary Clinton – Foreign affairs domestic (Susan Rice) and abroad (Egypt’s Morsi) keep Clinton in the top ten

10. Harry Reid – This quote from Reid on Tuesday “there had been “little progress” in budget talks” made Asian and Europe stocks go down on Wednesday

New into the Top Ten: Harry Reid

Who fell out of the Top Ten: Chris Christie

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