Friday’s Top Ten Trending Politicians and Issues

(Each day we’ll post up the Top Ten Politicians and Issues in TrendPo’s Kitchen Sink ranking list and tell you why they’re on top)


Kitchen Sink Rank 11/30


1. Barack Obama – POTUS

2. Mitt Romney – POTUS wannabe

3. Hurricane Sandy – the reason POTUS got elected

4. John Boehner – the reason POTUS was contested

5. John McCain – the last POTUS wannabe

6. Social Security – up one spot on the Top Ten…with entitlement reform on the table, this isn’t going away soon

7. Harry Reid – also up one spot on the Top Ten…with Fiscal Cliff entering the actual legislative talks, Reid’s not going away soon

8. Mitch McConnell – new entrant into Top Ten…McConnell and Reid are like two peas in a pod

9. Susan Rice – replaces Hilary Clinton in Top Ten. Shit’s getting real now.

10. Lindsey Graham – the face of GOP anti-Norquist


New into the Top Ten: Mitch McConnell, Susan Rice, Lindsey Graham

Who fell out of the Top Ten: Cory Booker, Hilary Clinton, Jesse Jackson Jr.

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