Monday’s News Links and General Repartee

Working on Sunday

By JD Chang

Fred Shapiro from Yale Law School put together his 7th annual “Top 10 Quotations of the Year” list. Any guess on how many times Mitt Romney (TR-2151) appears on this list?

(The answer is 2…one behind Obama at 3. Check out the list, it’s pretty funny.)

In a good sign for our political representatives, both Obama (TR-1) and Boehner (TR-3worked on Sunday.

And for all the political wonks out there, here’s an early list of which Senate seats may be open in 2014. One to keep an eye on in in NJ where incumbent Frank Lautenberg (TR-198) will be 90 if he runs again. His heir apparent to that seat is current Newark mayor Cory Booker (TR-32) who can live on food stamps to save costs.

David Sirota of Salon, talks about Jim DeMint’s (TR-6) departure from the Senate to head The Heritage Foundation as an indictment of money in DC. And he uncovers the Washington Media’s long-standing tradition of the “No Money Rule”.

Finally, speaking of money, US News shows you a quick scorecard to measure what finally happens with the Fiscal Cliff. Not as fun as scoring a baseball game, but well….yeah, it’s not as fun as scoring a baseball game. Yay politics!


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