Friday’s Newslinks and General Repartee

By JD Chang

Top news of the day is definitely the failure of John Boehner (TR-2) and the House GOP to pass either one of the GOP’s proposals to avoid the Fiscal Cliff (TR-9).

I just don’t get the logic of what the GOP is doing. Political posturing is fine, but backs against the wall…they’re still sticking to their guns beliefs not to budge on raising taxes. This is even after their surrogate uncle okayed the Plan B (not this Plan B though) to raise taxes on millionaires.

This is also after multiple polls showing that Americans favor higher taxes on the rich. Further, this morning a new Gallup poll came out showing Obama at a 56% approval rating, the highest he’s had since Oct. 2009.

Meanwhile, can the average American name one Republican politician who resides in Washington DC? Probably not. And even the ones who know the name John Boehner don’t really like him (or their GOP reps in DC for that matter).

Many pundits and editorialists are sinking their teeth into the failure of the GOP. Paul Krugman of NYT thinks the GOP is playing poker with our future, Steve Benen of Rachel Maddow’s Blog thinks the GOP is lost and weak,  The Washington Post wants them to stop having silly fights, and the New Yorker laments the cause of the 0.03%.

But that’s just one side of the story, right? In the wake of last night’s failed vote, there has to be supporters of the GOP coming to their rescue….right? Well, I couldn’t find any. Even the politics page at FoxNews had one small article.

Hell, even Jim DeMint (TR-27) said last week the GOP had to raise taxes. And his explanation was actually sound!

“[W]e have not done a good enough job of convincing Americans that less government, less taxes, and a more vibrant economy is really going to work for every American,” DeMint said. “I spent most of my life in advertising and marketing and research, and I want to go back to the battle of ideas. I just think unless we win the hearts and minds of the American people, we’re not going to win elections with conservative ideas.”

Sounds like a different man now that he’s out of the barn right?

Anyways, as any good marketer knows…what the public wants today is not what it will want tomorrow. If there ends up being no deal on the fiscal cliff, then the GOP will get blamed…especially the House GOP. If the economy tanks because there’s no deal, then the GOP will get blamed. If the economy stabilizes and doesn’t tank after no deal on the fiscal cliff, then Obama will be credited. The only way that the GOP gets credit here is if they compromise and negotiate (which is what the Nov. 6th elections were about). Then they get the public image of being sensible in thinking about all Americans.

But, to keep this hardline approach on taxes when really, at most, only a fourth of the country (half the country voted & half of those voters supported GOP) wants it is playing with fire. Remember, all Americans have access to TV and public opinion…not just the ones who voted for you. And, it’s there’s another truth in advertising, it’s that all people are bandwagon fans.

Sigh…it gets me frustrated thinking about this. I think it’s fitting though, that Boehner scheduled an impromptu House Vote last night trying to get support…and then ended up NOT VOTING. It was like he was trying to get ahead of the Mayan prediction for himself and his party.

End of GOP


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