Saturday’s Newslinks and General Repartee

By JD Chang

More Boehner, more calls for his head. Salon’s Jonathan Bernstein writes about the history of the speaker gavel, albeit it’s a little left-leaning. Dierdre Walsh of CNN outlines the current situation and effect on Boehner leading up to the new House next year. Meanwhile, John Boehner (TR-2) is officially the worst liked Congressman in America. 

Marco Rubio (TR-9) is someone that I’ve always been a fan of. Smart, smooth, and able to explain things clearly. Someone that the right can look to in building a new persona and to explain to the public why raising taxes on the rich is not sound economic policy. Unfortunately, he gets butchered by his anti-thesis, Rush Limbaugh (TR-233), who doesn’t explain anything well, is not smooth or concise, and just leads on his sheep audience to whatever extreme he wants to portray that day.

Dianne Feinstein (TR-5) is making some news as well. She’s up to number 5 in TrendPo Rank after a steady week in the Top Ten based on her presence in pushing Gun Control (TR-15) legislation. She’s going to introduce an assault weapons ban on the first day of the new Congress. I’d love to see if she actually does this. She may, however, have a pretty nice new title come the first of the year.

Finally, Feinstein joins fellow senators John McCain (TR-24) and Carl Levin (TR-114) in giving a thumbs down to the new Hollywood movie Zero Dark Thirty.

The three call the film “grossly inaccurate and misleading in its suggestion that torture resulted in information” that led to finding Osama bin Laden. They acknowledge the film is fiction, but note that it opens with the words “based on first-hand accounts of actual events.”

The senators say they are fans of the filmmaker and “understand the special role that movies play in our lives,” but say the problem is that people will believe the film’s version of events.

The letter says the use of torture should be banished from serious public discourse not only because it doesn’t provide the results shown in the film, but because it also violates the Geneva Convention. “The use of torture in the fight against terrorism did severe damage to America’s values and standing. … We cannot afford to go back to these dark times.”

I can understand that. We don’t want people around the world to think that we used torture in capturing Bin Laden. We just want them to think that we put an armed officer in every Pakistani school and public market.

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