The Social Duality of Governor Jerry Brown

By JD Chang

Politico ran a really nice front page article on the indelible Jerry Brown (TR-17), Governor of California.

He’s no kid at age 74, but California Gov. Jerry Brown has staged a comeback this year that Bill Clinton could appreciate.

It looked as though Brown’s second go-round in the governor’s job might well end after a single term. He staked his governorship on a referendum to raise taxes that was in trouble approaching Election Day. His approval ratings were mired in the low 40s. Buzz began to build about a primary challenge in 2014 — by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, possibly, or the state’s ambitious lieutenant governor, Gavin Newson.

But voters pulled through for Brown and approved his ballot measure to mend the long-broken state budget. And now Brown finds himself in prime position to achieve his ambitious agenda — and a virtual lock for reelection.

“He’s absolutely unbeatable in the state of California. Not even the Lord could beat him,” said former San Francisco Mayor and legendary Assembly Speaker Willie Brown. “California is Jerry Brown territory.”

So with that, we decided to do a little deeper dive into the social side of Jerry Brown.

Here’s how he’s performing in terms of Facebook Likes over the last four months:

Brown FBL

That’s a really good slope up. And it compares really well with other prominent governors —

(Jerry Brown vs. Andrew Cuomo)
Brown v. Cuomo

(Jerry Brown vs. Chris Christie)
Brown v. Christie

While it seems that while Brown is strong in Facebook Likes, he’s steadily losing TW followers.

Brown TWF

Very stark contrast for Governor Brown.

FB vs TW

We’d make a joke here again East Coast vs. West Coast basis, but both Twitter and Facebook are based in San Francisco 🙂

(Stat charts courtesy of TrendPo Pro)

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