Biden widens leads over Christie, Rubio, Ryan

By JD Chang

Any doubters that Joe Biden (TR-6) is rising to news popularity in the last 2 weeks? From saving the nation from the fiscal cliff to leading Obama’s gun-banning task force, the current VP is gaining lots of good press and potentially good will.

Here are some charts of his news and social buzz against three leading 2016 GOP figures: Chris Christie (TR-16), Marco Rubio (TR-35), Paul Ryan (TR-43) —

(National Media)

Biden NM

(Beltway Media)

Biden BWM

(Facebook Likes “Change” — meaning, the gain or loss in Facebook Likes tracked each day)

Biden FBLC

(Twitter Followers “Change” — meaning, the gain or loss in Twitter followers tracked each day)

Biden TWFC

It’s early, but Biden’s coming out strong in 2013.


National Media (10) includes: WSJ, LATimes, NYTimes, WaPo, HuffPost, Fox News, CNN, USA Today, NPR, The Economist

Beltway Media (10) includes: Politico, The Hill, Roll Call, Dailykos, Red State, Daily Caller, NewsMax, Christian Science Monitor, Salon, National Journal

(You can see all of TrendPo Pro’s chart data by subscribing to a TrendPo Pro user account)


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