TrendPo’s Daily Movers and Shakers

Each day TrendPo ranks the Political World on news, sentiment, and social momentum. Here are some highlights:


#11. Chris Christie (+12) — The ambitious NJ Governor almost gets into the Top Ten with, fittingly, an appearance on Letterman. He talks about how fat jokes don’t bother him. Would it be possible that we go from the skinniest US president to the most rotund back to back?

#6. #7. John McCain (-3) & Chuck Hagel (+4) — These two bossom buddies are finally back to back. After a tumultuous week last week, it seems like McCain is playing nice again, asking his friends not to filibuster their old colleague.

#14. John Kasich (+15) — This GOP Governor from Ohio is just the latest state executive to reverse his stance on implementing Obamacare.


See the entire list at


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