Who’s winning the Northeast Blizzard story?

By JD Chang

Back during Hurricane Sandy, we did a blog post about NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s performance in the news and social streams pre and post event.

Now, with the big northeastern blizzard upon us, let’s take a look at who “won” the Blizzard story this past week. Specifically, we compare five prominent Northeastern politicians: Andrew Cuomo, Chris Christie, Mike Bloomberg, Deval Patrick, and Cory Booker (we picked these guys because they are all media savvy, but you can do these chart comparisons on anyone you want here).


Mike Bloomberg wins hands down in national news media coverage. Just on Friday, he was in 16 National Media articles, and he’s been consistently in the news all week. Cuomo and Deval Patrick were close with 11 and 10 articles a piece. Interestingly, Cory Booker wasn’t mentioned at all in the national press this week.


However, Mr. Booker dominates the Facebook and Twitter spheres. All week, he’s been consistently over 20K Facebook Talked Abouts, twice the number as the closest 2nd, Mike Bloomberg.


On Twitter, Mr. Booker is also right at the top, gaining between 500 and 1000 Twitter followers each day this week. Mayor Bloomberg has also been active on Twitter as well, with only Governors Patrick and Cuomo lagging behind.

What does this mean? Well first, it’s interesting to see that while the press media reports on everything Mayor Bloomberg says, the online social sphere trends towards Mayor Booker. To be sure, Bloomberg is no slouch online himself, but this is an area where Cory Booker has definitely put in the hard work for social (FB / TW) to be his mouthpiece. How he translates his online popularity to get more coverage in National and DC Beltway press may be one of the bigger stories of his upcoming Senate campaign.


National Media includes: WSJ, LATimes, NYTimes, WaPo, HuffPost, Fox News, CNN, USA Today, NPR, The Economist

Facebook Talked Abouts is the number of unique users who have created a story about a page in a 7 day period.

Run these charts yourself at TrendPo.com

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