All eyes on GOP watchdog Darrell Issa

By Becky Hogan

Lately it seems that you can’t talk about the IRS scandal without mentioning Republican Congressman Darrell Issa.

As Chairman on the House Oversight Committee, Issa has been probing the IRS since news broke last month that the agency had inappropriately singled out Tea Party groups as they applied for a tax exemption.  And he’s received some backlash from Democrats, like Attorney General Eric Holder, who think he’s gone too far.

Ever since the IRS’s former head Lois Lerner apologized for the targeting scandal, Issa has been topping the TrendPo rankings for the last month, with his peak position at #4. Check back here to see if his recent comment about White House press secretary Jay Carney being a ‘paid liar’ affects his TrendPo Rank.



And over the weekend, Issa released partial transcripts of the panel’s interrogations of Cincinnati IRS employees, arguing that they show the directive for the IRS scandal came from Washington.

As you might expect, with each new development in the investigation, Issa has seen upsurges in national media attention.



Issa also announced an investigation into the IRS’ spending practices this week which include expenses for a Star Trek parody film used as a training video that was released over the weekend, paid for with taxpayer dollars.  We could not make this up!

Interestingly, as more evidence comes out against the IRS, Issa seems to gain Facebook Likes.



Whereas Issa’s Facebook Likes have seen more activity in recent weeks, the California congressman tended to gain Twitter Followers early on in the IRS probe. Issa’s Twitter presence is considerably larger than his Facebook presence which could explain why upticks in Twitter followers have been smaller recently.



Issa continues to call attention to the IRS’ questionable spending practices via Twitter.


We’ll continue to keep tabs on how the IRS targeting scandal affects Issa’s online buzz.

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