By Becky Hogan

Last month, Forbes rated First Lady Michelle Obama the fourth most powerful woman in the world.  At TrendPo, we think she’s pretty powerful in the world of online buzz too. She occupies the #3 spot for highest social media stats of all-time in our TrendPo rankings, following only Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Whether she’s bringing awareness to childhood obesity or hitting the campaign circuit, the First Lady embodies buzz.



So what is it that keeps Michelle Obama at the top of the TrendPo rankings week after week?



To start, the media loves her. Lately the media frenzy has been about where she is and what she’s doing—because frankly she’s everywhere! Well, everywhere except President Obama’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping this weekend.  But that’s just the point—she even gets media attention for not being somewhere.

This week Michelle Obama received a lot of media attention for confronting the LGBTQ heckler who interrupted her speech during a campaign fundraiser. Last week she was in the news for lauding the preservation of the historic Decatur House. She’s also been a critical tool for the DNC, campaigning for candidates like Terry McAuliffe.


While her husband gets a lot of credit for being a trailblazer on social channels, Michelle Obama is right there with him.  Since 2009, the First Lady has effectively used social media, especially Twitter, to promote her causes and reach out to voters.

She saw major upsurges in Twitter followers following her commencement speech at Bowie State and again when she danced to James Brown with elementary school students in DC.



During President Obama’s reelection campaign, she used Twitter often to reach out to voters on behalf of her husband.



On Facebook, Obama saw gains in Twitter followers after her commencement speech at Bowie State and after attending several fundraisers last week.  It looks like she’ll see a bump after the protester incident too.


Whether her buzz is due to her public appearances, the causes she champions, or her latest hairstyle, we can’t say, but one thing’s for sure Michelle Obama is always buzzing.  Check back here to see how news and social buzz affect her TrendPo ranking.

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