Tweets from Hillary


By Becky Hogan

Last week Hillary Clinton officially re-joined Twitter, and her TrendPo Rank has been on fire ever since.

Yes, we said “re-joined” because while media and social sites have been buzzing about the former Secretary of State finally joining the site, our archives show she was tweeting last year under the same handle @hillaryclinton.


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So her Twitter debut part deux seems to be more of a relaunch than an introduction which is extremely interesting in itself.

It’s definitely working—Clinton has made it to the #2 spot in the TrendPo Rank over the past week.  And what’s more impressive is that she’s stayed there.



Her prime position in the Rank is undoubtedly a result of her popularity on Twitter.  Clinton racked up more than 86,000 followers in the first few hours of joining the site, and now has over 507,000 followers as of the writing of this post.  At this rate she could be on her way to surpassing her husband Bill Clinton, who joined twitter in April, and has 800,000+ followers.



Clinton’s Twitter bio is a glimpse into how she may use the social networking site to rebrand herself.  It describes her as a “wife, mom, lawyer, women & kids advocate, FLOAR, FLOTUS, US Senator, SecState, author, dog owner, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, glass ceiling cracker, TBD…”

Starting with the words “wife, mom” highlights her work as an advocate for women and children. And this prioritization was made even more fitting when she announced Thursday she would join her family’s charity, renamed the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, and champion children’s and women’s issues.

She even recently snapped a selfie with her daughter Chelsea and later tweeted about it.


Interestingly, her latest posts as Secretary of State and US Senator are further down on the list.  But this could be an effort to distance herself from her role in Benghazi–an issue that has drawn criticism over the past few months.

Her popularity isn’t just on Twitter either.

Although Clinton doesn’t appear to maintain her own Facebook page (yet!), she’s seen a huge upsurge in Likes following her launch into the Twittersphere last week.



She’s also been receiving a lot of national media attention lately as she recently took the stage to speak at an annual gathering of the Clinton Global Initiative.



Perhaps what most people are interested in is whether her Twitter rebirth is an indication that she’ll make a presidential run in 2016.  For now, it appears that’s, well, “TBD.”

Check back here to see whether Hillary is able to keep up her momentum in news and social buzz.

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