Governor Rick Scott just got a little less unpopular



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By Becky Hogan

Florida Governor Rick Scott is one of the most unpopular governors in the country.  He’s even been sued repeatedly for his policies, but as Florida’s unemployment rate has dropped in recent months and state debt is at its lowest level in decades, the Republican governor may be improving his image.

According to a recent Qunninpac poll, Scott’s job approval rating is up seven points since March to 43 percent.

Still the poll also shows that Scott is trailing behind two possible Democratic challengers in 2014 by 10 points—Charlie Christ and US Senator Bill Nelson.

Christ is a Republican, turned Independent, turned Democrat who previously held the Florida governorship after being elected in 2006, but later lost his 2010 Senate bid.  And some Floridians seem eager to return him to his former post as governor, despite his changes in partisanship.

So how does Scott fare compared to these potential rivals in online buzz?

Not surprisingly, Scott dominates the state media—he is, after all, Florida’s top leader and has been in the news recently for blocking paid sick leave for Floridians and for signing a bill that accelerates capital punishment in the state.  Nelson has gotten slightly more coverage than Christ, probably due to his post as Senator.



Scott dominates both potential Democratic challengers for Facebook Likes with over 84,000 Likes as of the writing of this post.  For an unpopular governor, he’s getting a lot of Facebook love.  He has the 7th most Facebook Likes of all time for governors.

It’s also interesting to note the Christ has almost double the number of Facebook Likes as Nelson with over 30,000 Likes even though he currently does not hold public office.



Scott saw a slight bump in Likes after news of the Quinnipac poll came out as well as earlier in the month when he vetoed a controversial bill that would allow illegal immigrants to apply for temporary drivers licenses.



On Twitter, Scott is ahead of both Christ and Nelson for Twitter Followers.  However, Nelson isn’t too far behind.  Nelson has a much larger following than Christ with over 30,000 followers to Christ’s 12,000+ followers.



Interestingly, Nelson beats Scott and Christ in YouTube subscribers which could help him mobilize voters he decides to make a run for governor in 2014.



While Scott may be weak in the polls, it appears he has a strong showing on Facebook and Twitter.  And if Christ is serious about a run in 2014, he has some work to do to boost his social media outreach compared to Nelson.

Check back here to see if Scott and continues to keep up his momentum in news and social media.

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