Republicans vie for social media supremacy


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By Becky Hogan

Congressmen Darrell Issa and Jeff Duncan are in a heated GOP battle—though it’s not the kind of inner-party squabbling you might expect.

Issa and Duncan are two of the top contenders in the GOP New Media Challenge this year, and they’re vying for Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and even YouTube views in the annual March-Madness-style competition that encourages GOP social media savvy and engagement.

How does the House Republican Conference stay on top of all that social data during the competition, you might be wondering?  They’re using the TrendPo dashboard to monitor each office’s progress!

Here’s snapshot of the two top lawmakers’ gains to date:


Duncan has gained a lot of traction on YouTube and Issa has been dominating Twitter.

This year the Conference is amping up the competition and also awarding points, not just for online following, but also engagement. Congressional offices are encouraged to focus on page shares and retweets to demonstrate that they are engaging online users.

Issa recently spiked in his Facebook Page Shares as he renews his campaign against the IRS scandal and hearings continue.


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Both congressmen have even been using graphics on Facebook to encourage more engagement.


And just last week Issa reached 100,000 Twitter Followers!


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They’re duking it out for YouTube Subscribers more recently.


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Duncan’s social media engagement is made even more impressive by the fact that he has gotten little national media attention in the past month compared to Issa’s high profile investigations into the IRS scandal and Benghazi issue.

Who’s in it to win it? Use the TrendPo dashboard to monitor each congressman’s progress.

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