A Big Week in Politics



By Becky Hogan

Our nation’s leaders made some historic decisions this week. What did the data show us? Take our quiz! The results may surprise you.

1. SCOTUS heard cases on affirmative action, the Voting Rights Act, and same-sex marriage this week.  Their rulings on DOMA and Prop 8 will have implications for same-sex couples across the county.  Which Supreme Court Justice received the most mentions in the news this week?

A.  Anthony Kennedy – he delivered the Court’s majority opinion to strike down DOMA.

B.  Antonin Scalia – he delivered an emotionally-charged dissenting opinion against the Court’s 5-4 decision on DOMA.

C.  John Roberts – the Chief Justice of the Court, some have dubbed him the Court’s “peacemaker.”


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Answer: Anthony Kennedy.  He’s received 77 mentions since Monday.

2. Of the 14 GOP Senators who voted for the Senate’s immigration reform bill, who earned the highest spot in the TrendPo Rank yesterday?


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Answer: Senator John McCain was at the #18 spot in the Rank yesterday.

3. Wendy Davis became an instant social media sensation for her 11-hour filibuster.  Approximately how many Twitter Followers did the Texas Senator rack up the day of her filibuster?

A.  >30,000

B.  >40,000

C.  >50,000


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Answer:  >50,000

4. The abortion debate may be heating up in Texas as Governor Rick Perry has convened a special session on abortion limits for Monday.  Which Texas politico has more total Facebook Likes?

A.  Governor Rick Perry

B.  State Senator Wendy Davis


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Answer: Rick Perry. He has a total of 206,269 Facebook Likes, although Davis did see a spike in likes this week.

Check back here for more exciting trends in politics.

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