Is Snowden stealing the show?



By Becky Hogan

Lately it seems like everyone in the media is speculating about what Edward Snowden’s next move will be.  Most recently confusion about his whereabouts led to rumors that he was on board a plane with Bolivia’s president.

The story has become much more about Snowden’s fate than a debate over the government’s role in security and surveillance programs.

We took a look at our news data to see how much the NSA-leaker is trending compared to the national security issue and even the NSA itself.

Over the past week, there have been more national news articles about Snowden than about national security, privacy, or the NSA.  


Click to enlarge

Additionally, there have been more mentions of the NSA in national news than there have been of Snowden, but Snowden still beats out the national security and privacy issues for news mentions.


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And Snowden has been topping the TrendPo rankings this week.


Click to enlarge

Some have labeled him a whistle blower, others a traitor, but the fact remains Snowden has garnered much more attention than the issues themselves.

Check back here for more trends in news and social media.

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Photo Source: Associated Press

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