Tweets from our Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers social media blog post headerWe took a look back at the very first Independence Day in 1776—the day the thirteen colonies officially declared independence from Great Britain.  What would the Founding Fathers have tweeted then?

While we took some liberties here, these men were some of the greatest political thinkers, writers, and communicators of their time…and in some cases of all time.  Don’t forget Paul Revere—the nation’s first social networker!

Today’s politicians aren’t riding on horseback to deliver messages, but they are increasingly using social media platforms to help them communicate their ideas on key issues and engaging voters.  Monitoring social media channels has become essential to measuring a political engagement.  Check out TrendPo for more information on the tools monitoring trending politicians and issues.

Happy Independence Day from TrendPo!

founding fathers tweets


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2 thoughts on “Tweets from our Founding Fathers

  1. martyfnemec July 3, 2013 at 5:14 pm Reply

    That’s hilarious.

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