Morsi’s Coup de Facebook



By Becky Hogan

Mohammed Morsi, the ousted Egyptian President, has been more discussed and ‘liked’ than any other politician on Facebook over the past 2 weeks.

He’s even unseated Barack Obama who usually sees the most Facebook gains week after week. And he’s surpassed other buzzing political figures like Nelson Mandela and Wendy Davis.

As the world watches to see what will happen next in Egypt, many have taken to social media channels to report on the events, voice concerns, and organize protests.

The former president to Egypt even used his presidential Facebook account to denounce the military’s takeover–which could have contributed to his recent gains.

Here’s a breakdown of the number of Facebook Talked Abouts and Facebook Likes Morsi has gained over the past week compared to other top trending politicians over the past 14 days.


Click to enlarge

Facebook Talked Abouts are the number of links to a particular Facebook user’s account.

Morsi has gained over 240,000 more Likes than Nelson Mandela and has been talked about over 142,000 times more than Wendy Davis in the past two weeks.  Morsi may have been ousted from his post as president, but he seems to be staging a rebellion of his own on Facebook!

Photo Source: Getty Images

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