The Media and the Middle East

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The Middle East is heating up…

As political unrest and violence continue to plague the Middle East, we compared the news buzz about Egypt’s ouster to other sites of conflict in the region.

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By a landslide, the Egyptian military’s overthrow of the country’s first democratically elected president, Mohammed Morsi, has dominated the national media compared to other news stories in the region over the past month.

Morsi was ousted on July 3, but the number of news mentions peaked July 5 with 1,505 mentions after reports that violence had erupted in Cairo post-coup.

Syria and Israel have also been hot topics in U.S. foreign policy.  Syria garnered over 600 news mentions on its peak day as lawmakers and world leaders debated the United States’ role in aiding Syrian rebels against President Bashar Assad’s forces.  Israel received 246 news mentions on its peak day when Secretary of State John Kerry visited Israel to revive peace talks with Palestine.

News mentions on Iran and Iraq have remained relatively low over the past month.  But as questions continue to swirl about the shifting balance of power in the Middle East, these countries are likely to surge in the rankings.

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