Republicans lose steam on investigations in wake of NSA issue



By Becky Hogan

The Benghazi and IRS scandals that Republicans once vowed to get to the bottom of seem to have lost momentum on the Hill–and likewise national media coverage on these issues has been trending down over the past month.


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On the Benghazi and IRS controversies, there are clear partisan divides. Democrats claim that Republicans don’t have enough evidence to implicate Obama administration officials on misleading the public about the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi during a presidential election.  Republicans have been mum on the issue since June and Rep. Darrell Issa has turned his focus on the IRS investigation.

When it comes to the IRS scandal, Republicans latest efforts to revive the investigation have focused on determining whether an Obama IRS appointee links the White House to the scandal.

It’s been six weeks since former NSA-contractor Edward Snowden revealed the surveillance program to the public, and this week the NSA story which seems to be heading back into the spotlight as the House Judiciary Committee met with Obama Administration officials for questioning this week.

Democratic Congressman John Conyers and Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner teamed up for some tough questioning of the legality of the surveillance programs Wednesday, in particular the large-scale collection of billions of domestic telephone records.  And since the hearing the story seems to be trending back up. Sensenbrenner even vowed not to renew the surveillance program.

Will scrutiny of the NSA surveillance program survive because it has bipartisan backing?  Check back here to see which scandals are garnering more media coverage.

Photo source: Associated Press


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