Gov. Chris Christie is so hot right now

New York And New Jersey Continue To Recover From Superstorm Sandy


By Becky Hogan

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a pro-life, anti-gay marriage, conservative Republican in a blue state.  And even though most people in New Jersey disagree with him on key issues, he appears to be in a great position for winning re-election this year as polls show him well ahead of his challenger Barbara Buono.

Christie isn’t just popular in his home state of New Jersey, though, it turns out Americans across the country like him too.

This week the New Jersey Governor was named one of the ‘hottest’ politicians in a poll that rated politicians across the country according to temperature ratings. Christie even narrowly beat out Hillary Clinton.

Voters were asked to rate politicians from 0-100 representing how they feel about that figure, with 0 being least favorable, or coldest, and 100 being most favorable, or warmest.

According to the Quinnipac survey, Christie’s average score was 53.1, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in a close second, at 52.1 degrees.

How does social data compare to this recent poll?

Christie Tops National Poll

While Clinton definitely has a larger Twitter following, Christie has over double the number of Facebook Likes.  Christie is also receiving a lot of buzz on Facebook–in the last 30 days, he’s racked up almost 10,000 more Facebook Talked Abouts than Clinton.

Considering buzz about Clinton’s presidential run is so strong, and that there are several potential candidates for the 2016 GOP field–this is impressive.  These trends also follow general demographics on the two sites as Twitter users tend to be a younger and more slightly more liberal than Facebook.

Recently, the straight-shooting governor has been weighing in on national policy debates as well. He’s not afraid to bring national attention to the schism in the GOP and he’s publicly stated that he thinks the growing libertarian wing within the party is ‘dangerous.’

This has led many to believe Christie is really running two campaigns–one for governor and possibly one for the GOP nomination in 2016.

How does Christie fare on social media compared to other more libertarian members of the party who have also been mentioned as possible 2016 contenders?

GOP Schism

Here the results are more mixed. On Twitter, Christie has far more followers than either Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, which could mean that Christie has more appeal among Democrats and Independents.  Cruz is more popular than Christie and Paul on Facebook, however the margins are much smaller than they are on Twitter.  It seems Paul has carved out a larger presence on You Tube with over 28,000 subscribers to his channel.

Will the Garden State governor continue to garner national attention and bridge partisan lines? We’ll keep an eye on Christie to see how he maintains his national popularity.


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