Gutierrez Ramps Up Support on Immigration Reform

Luis Gutierrez

By Becky Hogan

Congressman Luis Gutierrez claims that he has 40-50 House GOP votes for immigration reform if it were brought to a vote in the House.

The Chicago Congressman has spent the summer touring around the country for immigration reform. And he’s been drawing huge crowds–in particular Latino support–in places like California, Nevada, and Florida.

But his popularity among Latinos and Latino media outlets has yet to make it to national mainstream media.

Compared to other familiar faces who have been outspoken on the need for House action on immigration, like Senator John McCain and Rep. Paul Ryan, Gutierrez has seen little national media coverage.

House on Immigration Reform

In contrast, his social buzz reflects his growing popularity and the impact of his summer tour on immigration. He saw major upsurges in July, in particular, and has gained more Likes and Followers this summer than any other period in 2013.

Summer Gains

While other lawmakers have received backlash for supporting immigration reform, Gutierrez seems to be a natural fit for championing the cause. 

Gutierrez's Summer Tour

While Paul Ryan has a much larger Facebook presence than Gutierrez, Ryan has lost Facebook Likes every month for the past three months since speaking out about the need to pass legislation on the issue–it could be that his conservative base is reacting to his stance on this policy issue.  Gutierrez’s Facebook Likes show the opposite trend and continue to be on an upswing.

Will Gutierrez’s national press coverage increase as he continues to drum up GOP support for a bill in the House? We’ll keep a close eye on immigration reform’s latest rockstar.


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