NRSC “Duck Hunt” Ad Takes Aim at Landrieu

By Becky Hogan

The National Republican Senatorial Committee targeted Democrat Senator Mary Senator Landrieu by releasing an attack ad on Tuesday inspired by the 1980s Nintendo video game, Duck Hunt.

The video, which has received 37,795 views over the past 4 days on YouTube, is the Republicans’ latest attempt to bring attention to a Senate race that hasn’t gotten much momentum. Republican Representative Bill Cassidy is challenging Landrieu for her seat.

Landrieu has held the Louisiana Senate seat since 1997, and Republicans are targeting her post as one of the top vulnerable seats to flip control of the US Senate back to Republicans.

The ad also aired during Wednesday’s season premiere of “Duck Dynasty” and is laced with hunting references–claiming that Landrieu has “bad aim” since she has been “firing and missing” in on key issues like healthcare, energy, taxes, and jobs.

YouTube provides a cost-effective channel for campaigns to broadcast their messages to voters, especially for candidates that are challenging incumbents.

Is this new ad resonating on social media?

Facebook Reacts to NRSC Ad

Cassidy saw a spike in Facebook “talked abouts” the first day the video was released. But social media users haven’t exactly been flocking to either candidate’s social media accounts. Here we’ve recapped their respective weekly gains as well as each candidate’s overall social media presence across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube:

Senate Challengers

Landrieu vs. Cassidy

Cassidy saw more gains on Facebook this week while Landrieu picked up more followers on Twitter. What’s interesting is that they each gained on the platforms where they have the strongest following already–indicating that their supporters are mobilizing on different sites. Neither candidate gained You Tube Subscribers this week despite the ad which is hosted on the NRSC’s YouTube channel.

Landrieu’s campaign fired back at the ad with some punny responses, declaring the ad a “total quack” and saying that the GOP is attempting “duck the fact” that Landrieu is fighting for Louisiana.

The ad will air for the next two weeks so we’ll be checking to see whether either candidate benefits in online buzz, but so far social media seems to be calling fowl on this one!


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