Senate Sweeps Case Study: Rand Paul


Senate Sweeps Case Studies are short looks at how some of the most social media savvy Senators take advantage of social media to be more effective politicians.

Barely two years after taking office, Senator Rand Paul has proven to be one of the most effective social media users in the Senate. Most visibly, his ability to amplify his initiatives with social interaction gives him a platform far exceeding his time in the Senate. 

During his high-profile filibuster last March, Paul’s office provided content to active followers, planting seeds that resulted in over a million tweets related to his filibuster. His Facebook page saw a permanent increase in average shares per day, going from 9,490 on average to over 20,000.


This is a big deal for Senator Paul; content shared organically by followers has more credibility, and can reach people who are not necessarily tuned into his political network. Growth in social media exposure can also lead to a feedback loop with traditional media, acting as an indicator for mainstream outlets to cover the story. Senator Paul saw a huge increase in story mentions with traditional news stories, peaking at 615 mentions in one day, he continued to average over 100. The average Senator received a mere 14 mentions in the same time period.

Untitled-2The feedback loop between the traditional media coverage and organic social media content netted Senator Paul tens of thousands of new followers and likes. Untitled-4

Senator Paul’s social media standing has given him influence far outpacing his time in the Senate. We’ll be keeping an eye on him as the Social Media Challenge ramps up – no matter what upsets might occur, Senator Paul will be one of the strongest contenders.


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