Three States Showing Social Media Savvy in #SenateSweeps

TX Senators

By Becky Hogan

Minnesota, New York, Texas. What do they have in common?

All three states still have both of their senators competing in the Sweet Sixteen of #SenateSweeps this week.  And these states have strong partisan identities when it comes to their Senatorial representation–Minnesota and New York both have only Democrat Senators, while Texas has only Republican Senators in office.  This could be a major factor in their staying power in the competition.

Minnesota  This week Minnesota Senator Al Franken looks to be on track to beat Ohio Senator Rob Portman.  Amy Klobuchar who also represents Minnesota is likely to unseat Missouri Senator Roy Blunt. this means Franken and Klobuchar may go head-to-head next week in Round 4.

Minnesota Sweeps

New York  The Eastern region includes two of the closest match ups in this week’s round of #SenateSweeps which will focus solely on Twitter engagement.  New York Senator Chuck Schumer faces the formidable Bernie Sanders from Vermont.  Meanwhile, Kirsten Gillibrand will go up against Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Both women haven’t been in the Senate long, but have built up a lot of momentum on social media and with their constituents.  These races are going to come down to the finish line for who can mobilize most effectively on Twitter this week and not only gain followers, but also retweets and mentions.

New York Sweeps

Texas  Texas Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz are still in play in TrendPo’s social media competition as well. It’s no surprise that Cruz is still in the competition after all the government shutdown buzz and this week he’s up against South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.  Based on last week’s Twitter gains, it looks like Scott has an uphill battle this week against Cruz.  Cornyn will face Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and it looks like Cornyn better start ramping up on Twitter fast if he’s going to survive to the next round of #SenateSweeps.

Texas Sweeps

When we looked at all-time social media presence at the beginning of the competition, Arizona and Kentucky were front-runners on Twitter.  But on a week-to-week basis, Senators from New York, Minnesota, and Texas have proven they know how to drive online engagement.

As the glitches with the Obamacare website replace the government shutdown as the number one story in the news, we’ll see how Senators capitalize on this via Twitter throughout the country.

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