Senate Sweeps: The Championship

Bracket (1)

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Winners: Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT)

Losers: Rob Portman (R-OH), Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

We’ve reached the finals, and our two remaining contenders have been together since the beginning. Of the four Senators, Bernie Sanders came in second overall last week, but couldn’t match the social media powerhouse that is Ted Cruz. Sanders tweeted 60 times last week, but his very active week on Twitter only garnered 772 new Twitter followers.  Meanwhile Ted Cruz proved his online presence is well-established–he tweeted  12 times and gained over 3,300 new followers.  And Rob Portman, despite being a strong contender in the Midwest, was outmatched by Lee’s strong showing on Facebook and YouTube.

Mike Lee owes much of his prominence to his affiliation with Ted Cruz; the two work together at the Senate Conservative Fund, a PAC promoting conservative Republicans.  Cruz has a significantly stronger social media presence – he dwarfs Lee in followers and likes. However, the final round of #SenateSweeps is the social engagement round, looking at how Senators are actually interacting with their constituents. Metrics we’ll be looking at include Comments, Retweets, and Shares.

Can Mike Lee squeak out a victory on the back of more active engagement? We’ll announce the champ of #SenateSweeps later this week.


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