From the mouths of babes

By JD Chang

Over this last year, TrendPo has been completely immersed in all things social media advertising. We’ve kept up with all the algorithm changes, the panic attacks, and the break-ups. Through it all, we continued doing our very best to optimize our clients’ ad spends, building relevant, long-lasting communities within their social media budgets.

I’m very proud of everything we’ve accomplished, going from an accelerator startup to the emerging small business we are today.

Increasingly, however, just keeping up with algorithm changes isn’t enough. In the post-IPO world, staying relevant to your consumers also includes reading the tea leaves of Facebook’s and Twitter’s business strategies.

As TrendPo continues to face the same challenges you do, I’m going to begin posting our findings here. Just like you, we’re doing our best to stay abreast of the constant changes in the social media world. Some may be true, some may be false, some may be theories, and some may be fun conspiracies. 

Through it all, I promise to be transparent about whatever strategies we’re testing. We’ll use our very own TrendPo tools and dashboards to find the most effective social media optimization channels, and convert as many sales as we can. Along the way, I may also add in a sprinkling of my own thoughts and reflections.

It will be a wild journey —— and maybe at the end of all this, I’ll get to meet Mark Zuckerberg. I bet he’s not half as crazy as Gary Busey.


Stay tuned — the next post is on: “The death of the social media community on Facebook.”


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