Wednesday’s Top Ten Trending Politicians and Issues

(Each day we’ll post up the Top Ten Politicians and Issues in TrendPo’s Kitchen Sink ranking list and tell you why they’re on top)

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 7.41.22 AM


FOX news columnists getting benched, but rising in our rankings!! —


1. Barack Obama (0) – POTUS

2. Karl Rove (+2) – getting benched by FOX just the latest embarrassment for this steward of the GOP

3. John Boehner (0) –  has replaced Mitt Romney (TR 2145) as the most uttered GOP member right now

4. Susan Rice (0) – Benghazi and Susan Rice still going strong, now entering its fourth month of inquir-bate. Here’s a nice article by Times about the Modern Secretary of State

5. Hurricane Sandy (0) – Hurricane Sandy still going strong too. Now, it’s rumored to slow down job growth

6. David Axelrod (+7) – Axelrod makes his steady climb into the Top Ten basking in the glow of his win over Stuart Stevens

7. Social Security (0) – if Boehner’s on the this, then Social Security will definitely be on list…but interestingly enough, Fiscal Cliff (TR 21) is ranked 21….but rising

8. Charles Krauthammer (+33) – was seen on O’Reilly Factor saying: “Easy to win elections when you give away candy that you borrowed from the Chinese

9. Michele Bachmann (-1) – not really relevant in the press news, but making some huge gains on her Facebook Talked Abouts

10. Hilary Clinton (+2) – Mayor Bloomberg is asking her to be NYC’s next mayor, do you think that’s a good idea??

New into the Top Ten: David Axelrod, Charles Krauthammer

Who fell out of the Top Ten: Cory Booker, Harry Reid, Hilary Clinton


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